The first edition of Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness was written in 2003. It took less than a month to write, but it was based on opinions that took many years to form. The primary difference between the first and later versions is that the first edition included a selection of quotes from my favorite philosophical works, such as the Tao Te Ching, and the Book of Proverbs. My vision was for one book that contained all of the significant ideas (significant to me) from my own thoughts as well from other works that I had read. The quotes were dropped from later editions due to space considerations, and due to the fact that including the quotes made the copyright approval process more complicated.

The pdf of the first edition can be downloaded from here.

The second edition was started and completed in a few months in 2006. This was the first edition that was for sale, although the number of copies sold to individuals other than myself was probably less than ten, and maybe less than five. The original cover did not have the words "Second Edition" on them. I added that to this file for clarity.

The pdf of the second edition can be downloaded from here.